Lynley Pair


Lynley Pair and Paya, a Siberian Husky, originally from Upper MI. My journey into the sled dog world began in 2002 when I got involved volunteering for a sled dog race in Upper Michigan called the UP200/Midnight Run. Eventually I got involved with mushers and learned the basics of how to handle sled dogs and drive in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan until 2008. This is when I decided to go to school in Minnesota to get my veterinary technician degree. After graduation I worked for an outdoor adventure/touring company in northern Minnesota where we gave tours to many people- from groups of two to upwards of 200 people in one group a day. Here is where I started to teach others to handle and harness sled dogs and horses. Some of my favorite times came from this experience and has brought me to doing tours here in Alaska. I really look forward to meeting so many different people that are interested in the sport and hopefully we'll get more people involved and educated. While I feel like a "Gypsy On The Run" sometimes, this is the lifestyle I love the most because it gives me a variety of places to go and people to meet and I get to work with the dogs- which is my favorite part. While I have traveled extensively across the US, Europe and now Alaska, I feel this is the perfect place to be for me and look forward to sharing my experiences with our guests.