Alaskan Sled Dog Demonstration and 40 Below Experience in Skagway, Alaska


Housed within the family friendly Alaska 360 attraction, along the banks of the picturesque Skagway River, lies the uniquely Alaskan 40 Below Experience and Alaska Sled Dog Demonstration.  Visitors of all ages and abilities are welcomed throughout the Alaska 360 property and are encouraged to join the Gold Rush Staff for an hour of laughter and dogs.

Designed and developed by the Gold Rush Team, the 40 Below Experience and Alaska Sled Dog Demonstration introduces you to the rigors of modern day racing and the demands of the trail through dryland training techniques and demonstrations along with the psychological toll at 40 below. Meet the dogs, learn the mentality and see if you can handle the true test in our simulated environment controlled to 40 degrees below zero Fahrenheit.

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