• Skagway Sled Dog Demonstration

    Join the Iditarod dog sled team and learn all about the Klondike Gold Rush and how dogs were used throughout history.

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    Skagway Sled Dog Demonstration
  • Juneau Summer Dog Sled Adventure

    Take an exhilarating ride through our beautiful mountain home with the Mushers of Sheep Creek!

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    Juneau Summer Dog Sled Adventure

Experience the Thrill of Racing Sled Dogs!

If you’re looking for an fun, affordable, adventure, you’ve come to the right place. Our love of dog sledding is so much that we want to share it with everyone! Join our Award Winning Mushers for a thrilling and informative adventure in Skagway and Juneau. Our Juneau Mushing Camp is placed high in the beautiful sheep creek valley where our visitors can ride in specially designed training carts behind the dog sled teams. Our Skagway Mushing Camp is located at the Klondike Gold Fields and provides an in depth view of the great Iditarod Sled Dog Race.

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Juneau Mushing Camp Cart Tour

The real excitement begins when you climb aboard a comfortable, specially designed, wheeled cart. Made for the seasons without snow, these carts are comfortable and authentic for you and the dogs. Enjoy the ride and hold the puppies!

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Skagway Iditarod Sled Dog Demo

Join Matt Hayashida as he teaches about the Iditarod. Learn about the training and mindset involved to undertake a race like this and how much the race has grown. Watch the dogs run and meet the team and puppies!

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Iditarod and Yukon Quest Mushing Camp

Gold Rush Sled Dogs is a meeting place of veteran and aspiring young mushers. The mushing camps in Juneau and Skagway are filled with mushers who are eager to share their love of these amazing dogs with the world. Help us share this adventure and our love of dog sledding with the internet.