Position Descriptions

We pride our operations on the ability of our staff to work as a team, successfully executing operations while safely navigating the challenges presented with remote conditions. As such, it is required that every member of our chain be the strongest link, both physically and mentally, to safely facilitate the Gold Rush Experience.  All Gold Rush Employees are required to present and maintain current CPR and First Aid training credentials with initial employment contingent upon valid proof of certification.

We invite you to explore the opportunities below and encourage you to apply.  Responsibilities will vary from day-to-day, demanding employee flexibility in ensuring tour quality, while preserving the safety of all guests, employees, and dogs. All Employees participate in daily camp chores, maintaining balance and equity within the community living and working environment. Continual camp, trail, and yard maintenance and cleaning are the responsibility of all Dog Camp Residents.  Gold Rush believes in delivering an Alaskan Class Experience, demanding a professional approach to great time.

Camp Chef / Photographer (Competitive)

The Camp Chef / Photographer works independently, under the direction of the Camp Manager, preparing breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to the camp schedule, for a crew of 8-10 employees, in addition to executing the company's daily action photography point of sale program.  Photographer responsibilities include capturing images from established locations, digital printing and processing, and interactive sales and transactions with daily bookkeeping and reporting. Chef responsibilities include menu planning, recipes, meal preparation and overall kitchen operations including the management of scheduling, ordering, and confirming grocery and kitchen re-supply. The Camp Chef delivers a well balanced diet consisting of ‘meat and potato’ fare with plenty of fruits and vegetables, taking into account allergies, dietary requests, and camp preference. The Camp Chef is responsible for maintaining 7-8 days of food supply, displaying menu flexibility while taking into account product on hand, re-supply considerations, operational costs, and days off.  The  The kitchen is used by the crew throughout the day, providing a warm and inviting reprieve from daily operations.  The Camp Chef must possess, present, and maintain their Alaska Food Worker Card and facilitate kitchen operations according to ADEC standards at all times.  Must be capable of lifting 45 pounds repeatedly.  Apply now

Dog Musher (Previous Experience Required)

Dog Mushers are responsible for conducting dog-sled tours in an entertaining, safe, responsible, and professional manner at the direction of the Camp Manager. In addition to husbandry and care, Dog Mushers present enthusiastic and friendly interpretive and safety dialog to guests in the areas of historical and modern-day mushing, Alaskana, and local and regional highlights. Executing tours on equipment configured for passenger travel, Dog Mushers introduce guests to the dog team while demonstrating the safety mechanisms and precautions of the cart prior to loading. Dog Mushers are responsible for the care and well being of each individually assigned sled dog and the corresponding yard maintenance, cleaning, and vet check assistance with final season sled dog report card due prior to employee departure; Mushers check in with dog owners once a month, following the monthly vet check.  Must be capable of lifting 45 pounds repeatedly.  Apply now

Handler (Entry Level & Above)

Handler responsibilities include the compassionate care of assigned sled dogs and the associated dog yard cleaning and maintenance duties.  In addition to sled dog husbandry and care, Handlers safely hook up the dog teams for tours. Handlers work throughout the camp to meet the needs of the day. You may be assigned different duties on any given day at the Camp Manager’s discretion.  Must be capable of lifting 45 pounds repeatedly. Apply now